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Carte viticole Châteaux Saint-Émilion format rigide

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Discover the great Corsican vineyards thanks to our map of Corsican vineyards in rigid format .

📏 The formats:

  • Canvas 60×40,
  • Forex panel (PVC) 5mm 140x100cm,
  • White Alu Dibond support 70 x 50 cm

🎨 Available colors: Modern, Night or Vintage

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How is our Châteaux Saint-Émilion wine poster designed?

Our map of wine appellations in the Saint-Émilion region is printed in France on a rigid support.

Are our wine card formats standardized?

  • Canvas in polyester on a fir frame, delivered with a hook in the format 40 x 60 cm
  • White Alu Dibond support in 50 x 70 cm format
  • Forex panel (PVC) in 140x100cm format

Why buy our painting of Châteaux Saint-Émilion Bordeaux?

Dedicated to uninhibited wine lovers and experienced oenophiles, our Saint-Émilion wine appellation card is a true oenological exploration hanging on your wall. This table with minimalist graphics, represents the official boundaries of the appellations of the Châteaux de Bordeaux classified Saint-Émilion.

Why offer a wine card?

Offering a wine card to a wine lover is a sure success. In addition to being a trendy decorative object, it is also fun, and yes! He will thus be able to learn more about the wine regions of France or the world.

Out of inspiration? Take a look at our geoVINUM print portfolio.


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Moderne, Vintage, Night


PVC, Aluminium, Toile

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