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Carte des vignobles Caucasiens format poster

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Discover the great vineyards of the Caucasus thanks to our map of Caucasian vineyards in poster format .

📏 The format: 50 * 70 cm
🎨 The colors available: Modern, Night or Vintage
🖼 The support: Poster (sold without the frame)
📜 The material: 170 grams
satimat paper 📦 Shipping method: The Caucasian wine list is rolled and delivered in a kraft tube personalized in our colors!

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How is our Caucasian wine poster designed?

Our Caucasian wine list is printed in France on paper.

Are our wine card formats standardized?

Adapted to the standard frame thanks to its 50 * 70cm dimensions, our cards allow you to easily find a frame or a poster holder to showcase the poster at home or in your cellar.

Why buy our Caucasian vineyard poster?

Dedicated to uninhibited wine lovers and experienced oenophiles, our Caucasian menu is a true oenological exploration hanging on your wall. This poster with minimalist graphics illustrates the Caucasian vineyards.

Why offer a wine card?

Offering a wine card to a wine lover is a sure success. In addition to being a trendy decorative object, it is also fun, and yes! He will thus be able to learn more about the wine regions of France or the world.

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Moderne, Vintage, Night

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