Wine maps that suit you

Customize one of our maps or create your own personalized card to highlight your brand. Design your printed custom plot.

The personalized wine list, an impactful marketing and resale tool

Create original and personalized marketing and resale tools. Highlight your Brand on educational and aesthetic content. Surprise, impact, build loyalty with simple, easily adaptable and affordable tools.

Modern Canvas RhôneN
portfolio geovinum maps

Our cards adapted to your brand

Choose from our existing appellation maps and we adapt it to your graphic charter!

Our cards are 100% personalized with a guaranteed result!

Do you want to represent your plot only? Choose the 100% customizable option!

Customizable cards

Do you want to include only certain names? Certain plots?

Choose the 100% customizable option and we will adapt the logo, colors, fonts and even names and plots.

portfolio geovinum maps

Personalize our cards

Discover our price list and choose the customization, format and support you want.

Geovinum map personalization diagram

Adapt our maps

Discover our price list and select the model that suits you according to your criteria.

Be inspired

Discover our models, our achievements. Be inspired!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Adapted and Custom?

geoVINUM Adapté allows you to choose one of our models and add your logo. If you wish to change the graphic charter, logo and the display of your own plot, you must choose the geoVINUM Personalized formula.

On what medium can I print my model?

You can choose the Standard Poster format 50 x 70 cm, from 50 copies. You can also choose from our Design and Large Format range, starting from one unit.

Where does your data on appellations and cadastral parcels come from?

We have professional cartographic software and we work with official INAO data for appellations and the cadastre for cadastral plots.

Are the frames presented on the posters delivered?

No, we only provide the posters. But for our standard formats (Format: 50 x 70 cm), you can find the suitable frame at your favorite Swedish furniture dealer. For large formats, the type of hook is specified in the product description.



A great graphics, it's modern, varied, aesthetic while remaining precise and official.

- Jeans


The designs are truly original and blend in with any type of interior. Personally, I love the Modern versions for lighter rooms and the Night versions for the living room.

- Sophie

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