Integrate your wine map into your site

Immerse your customers in your plots with our technology of interactive map.

Do you want to help your client locate the appellation of the wine featured on your site?
By integrating our iframe technology, you will display the map of the appellation automatically associated with your content. It's simple, fast and competitively priced.

Would you like to show the appellation map of the wine presented?

Add our iframe, you will have the appellation map automatically associated with your content. It's simple, fast and competitively priced.

vine background in black and white

You create the site, we take care of the map!

i-frame of Caves Carriere

Integration of your map 

Create or enhance your site by simply providing space for the map.

We accompany you for the integration and the map is automatically generated thanks to the name mentioned on your site.

Our offer

Find the formula that meets your needs: a request corresponds to a view of your map by one of your Internet users.
The more your site is frequented, the more the number of requests per month will be high!

Pricing conditions

Monthly Offer

Annual Offer

Test the power of our geoVINUM technology

It's your turn


How to install our map?

6-step video instruction manual.


Host the PHP file

Download the PHP file “token_request.php”, modify it by adding your API key

$data = '{"apikey": "YOUR_APIKEY"}';

and host it in a folder on your website using your FTP client.

Integrate HTML+CSS+JS code
1. Download the HTML code “index.html”.

It contains all the elements to make geoVINUM-iframe work, this will be useful for the tests.

Locate the location where the card will be inserted in the form of an iframe:

<div id="container-iframe">
2. Next, locate the beginning of the JavaScript.

// Appellation, cadastre et/ou gps à afficher sur la map
var appellation = "Hautes Côtes de Nuits"; 
var cad = "";
var gps = "";
To display a designation on the map, change the value of the variable designation.
Example: Beaune 1er cru le clos des mouches, Sancerre, Fronsac, Saumur-Champigny, Côte-Rôtie…
Thanks to our powerful search engine, approximations and spelling mistakes are tolerated!
You can also display a cadastral parcel or a point with GPS coordinates.
3. Connect the PHP file to retrieve the authorization token
Locate the location of the “token_request.php” file in your server. Replace “” with the place where you placed the file “token_request.php”'get', '' + tps, true);
Adjust the CSS to your liking

You can adjust the dimensions of the iframe (width width and height height), add a border and margins:

#container-iframe {
   border#666 dotted 1px;

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