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earth globe

The different digital card formats we offer

3 red blocks


Completion stage_Graphic charter


Completion stage_World

Web integrations

A video presentation

Fly over your parcel from your home? It's possible !

Choose your plots

Indicate your titles

Apply your graphic charter

Give us the information of your plots

The trick is done: take your customers on a journey!

digital map centered on France
digital map of the geoVINUM application

Have the overview of the vineyards in your pocket?

Mobile apps


Free application in Beta-test

For information or training

A pro version for pros

Available on mobile and tablet

Permanent developments!


Discover our web integrations

A visual support for your site?

Choose the app that's right for you
laptop with geoVINUM i-frame

Integrate your card into your e-commerce site

Let's recreate the map of your plot

Give your website a facelift

A digital immersion to the heart of the vineyards

Accurate product information

Get promotions and be informed of new products

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