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our geoVINUM applications

Our Mobile App

Browse callsations from around the world for free!

Discover the appellations of the world

Visit estates & more

Bookmark places to visit

Take photos and share them

It's totally free!

geoVINUM mini

Our Web Integration

A visual support integrated into your website?

Use all names in the world

A tool for the pros

Interactive and dynamic content

Locate the name of one of your products

Customizable and easy to install

From €25 excl. VAT/month

visual iframe cellars career
Choose the app that's right for you

Our web apps

A visual support to present your domain?

Add your plots

Tools for the pros

Indicate the location of your domain

Display the designations of your choice

Create tasting paths

A presentation on all devices

From €24 excl. VAT/month

Get promotions and be informed of new products

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