Leader in wine cartography

With our cards printed & digital of all the vineyards of the world as well as an interactive map according to your needs, present, display, learn, discover the wine world.
Our cards are global, multi-support and multi-device!

You can also discover our applications who can immerse you in the wine world of your choice!

Bordeaux vineyard mockup

A unique gateway to wine cartography

Our collection around cards

paper map visual


Burgundy, Bordeaux, France, Spain, United States, Canada… all the vineyards of the world have been mapped.

Amateurs, winegrowers, wine merchants, trainers

more than 50 models available

To decorate, to offer, to learn

personalized card visual

Card customization 

Choose one of our models to adapt or completely personalize our map with your parcels and your colors.

Winegrowers, wine merchants, unions, trainers

Unlimited customization

Brand image, loyalty

multi-media printing visual

Design objects around cards

Why limit yourself to paper posters? You can find our models or your models on any type of support.

Winegrowers, wine merchants, unions, trainers

Unlimited customization

Brand image, loyalty

visual iframe geovinum

iframe for your websites

A map to your site? It's simple with our iframe which allows you to easily integrate our interactive cartography.

E-commerce, start-ups, Winegrowers

consumer price

Interactivity, connection, automation

Free geoVINUM Mini app

geovinum mini

A true Google Map of wine, this application is free and only available on the App store (iOs).

Amateurs, Students, Globetrotters


Vineyard maps, photos, information

geovinum app visual

Professional Map Apps

All the appellations and additional information on the soil, the grape varieties available at your fingertips.

Distributors, Winegrowers, Trainers

Standard version or pro version

Create your map, itineraries, course

Clusters & Partners

Get promotions and be informed of new products

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